The Dark Intelligence Group, Inc., is a unique intelligence service, dedicated to providing high-level business, management and market trend analysis to laboratory CEOs, COOs, CFOs, pathologists and senior-level lab industry executives. Membership is highly-prized by the lab industry’s leaders and early adopters. It allows them to share innovations and new knowledge in a confidential, non-competitive manner. This gives them first access to new knowledge, along with the expertise they can tap to keep their laboratory or pathology organization at the razor’s edge of top performance.

Dark Intelligence publications offer qualified lab executives, pathologists, and industry vendors a rich store of knowledge, expertise, and resources that are unavailable elsewhere. Since its founding in 1996, The Dark Intelligence Group and The Dark Report have played in instrumental roles in supporting the success of some of the nation’s best-performing, most profitable laboratory organizations.

The Dark Intelligence Group (TDIG) is headquartered in Austin, Texas. This location makes it very accessible for any laboratory organization seeking input, insight and support in developing their business operations, creating effective business strategies and crafting effective sales and marketing programs that consistently generate new volumes of specimens and increasing new profits. The Dark Intelligence Group, Inc., owns and operates two websites in the TDIG website network, including DarkReport.com and DarkDaily.com.

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