A powerful tool to strengthen staff knowledge, encourage success & ensure sustainable Lean execution

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About This Program

Performance Coaching and Management Observations to Improve Productivity and Efficiency: Strengthening the Skills of Management to Execute a Lean Lab Transformation

Performance coaching and management observations are a proven method and a powerful tool to strengthen the knowledge of your staff, encourage their success, and ensure a sustainable and lasting Lean execution in your clinical laboratory. Turn your team into Lean champions who work together with lab leadership to develop the laboratory framework necessary to achieve ongoing and lasting improvement.

Live event: January 16, 2019
Release date: January 23, 2019

Estimated time to complete: 

60-90 minutes, includes Q&A

Learning objectives: 

• The value of performance coaching and management observation as it pertains to laboratory efficiency and productivity

• Practical knowledge on how laboratory workflow and labor management experts conduct observations and performance coaching

• How to enhance lab leadership performance and skills, from corporate tasks to managing peopleHow to recruit the assistance of knowledgeable trained staff to develop an empowered team that will prepare, support, and lead your successful laboratory transformation

• Skills for developing personnel, improve performance, and create & sustain a culture of continuous improvement in your lab

How to apply this new knowledge to improve your competitive advantage in the laboratory community

This educational opportunity is for:
• C-level laboratory leadership including Lab Executives and Administrators
• Laboratory Directors, Managers and Supervisors
• Continuous Improvement Champions

Access program:

Stephen Stone
Managing Director
Argent Global Services
Oklahoma City, OK

Rita D'Angelo
President and Chief Executive Officer
D'Angelo Advantage, LLC
Gibralter, MI